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There isn’t anybody who sees this land and don’t admire, in which many civilizations had lived before. Among these civilizations, those places which have been protected as a historical museum till today...Known in the mythology by all over the world, in these Himalayan lands in Nepal where the Ram & Sita has lived their love... Who doesn’t want to marry here Nepal Destination Of Love...?It’s a privilege to have a wedding in Himalaya with a professional wedding planner in Nepal !

You can experience “3 seasons spring and 1 season summer” in Nepal with a Himalayan climate. Nepal is a preferred Destination with the coolest sun and cleanest lakes gained “Fewa Lake“ at the same time is a marvellous country with its historical places and historical residences where all civilizations had been lived in. Getting married in Himalaya Nepal attract the couples with its hospitality, enormous service, comfortable luxury hotels and the taste of world cuisines.

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