European Weddings

European weddings in Nepal now are the most popular wedding choices. Everest wedding in Nepal is World-known and most preferred by wedding couples from Europe. Especially official wedding ceremonies are preferred by couples as an official marriage certificate given in Nepal is recognized and accepted all around the world. Also, special wedding packages with wedding decorations are prepared at the best wedding venues for European Weddings in Nepal.

Europe and Scandinavian countries’ weddings are always foregrounded with basic demands. Decorations for wedding dinner and ceremonies on Himalaya for these group always be loved by Europe and Scandinavian wedding group. And their praises on social media about our company made us set our success targets higher.

It only takes half-day to make applications of couples from Europe and Scandinavian countries who would like to marry in Nepal by our company.

All couples whole around the world who comes to marry in Nepal, their civil Marriage with legalities setting by Marriage officers at wedding venues where they demand. ( Venues At Hotels, at Hotel’s Restaurant, at Cable Car, at Plane and at Mountains)

Wedding ceremony at sunset on the Lake Side

1- An Altar will be set up on the Lakeside and decorated with ivory coloured chiffon and artificial flowers. A wedding bistro table, standing beneath the Altar, will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon and artificial flowers. Ring pillow in decoration colour will be prepared. 2 artificial flower arrangements on long metal stands will frame the Altar on both sides. A bridal walkway will be prepared with 4 imitation flower arrangements on high metal stands. White lacquered chairs will be decorated with ivory chiffon bow ties. A white carpet will be rolled out and red rose leaves will be spread on it.

2- During the wedding ceremony, 2 white doves will be released by the couple as a symbol for luck

3- Live acoustic music trio (classical guitar, violin, accordion) during the marriage ceremony and wedding dinner reception.

4- A bottle of champagne for bride and groom. One glass of champagne will be served for each guest.

Wedding Dinner Reception at A’La Carte Restaurant Near the Himalaya

1- The Tables will be decorated with ivory coloured chiffon and satin. Pink or turquoise coloured runners will be on it. Top of the table will be decorated with artificial and fresh flowers and accessories. Glass mirror under plates will be set up. Napkins bracelet will be made of bows by a satin ribbon in the decoration colour. Beautiful candles are placed on the table. The chairs are covered with velvet and decorated with ribbons of ivory chiffon. A bridal walking trail with 6 artificial flower decoration on high metal stands and are set up. They are also decorated with ribbons of ivory chiffon. Between the long metal stands, 8 light fireworks will be placed. A white carpet will be laid and red rose petals to be thrown out.

2- Special champagne glasses will be prepared for the bride and groom.

3- A bottle of wedding champagne,

4- Special designed 3-layered wedding cake,

5- During the Wedding Cake ceremony 6 small volcano fireworks

6- Special designed Bridal bouquet and the groom’s collar flower

7- A professional Hairdresser will come to the Hotel for the Bride (service for 1 hour 30 min)

*- An English speaking member of our Team will escort the couple during the day.

9- An exclusive professional photographer takes 350 to 700 pictures in JPEG format during the bride’s preparation, marriage ceremony and wedding dinner reception. (CD with unrevised photos will be handed out)

10- A professional make-up artist will come for the bride to the hotel. Kryon brand makeup is availed for make-up, 24 hours Resistant to fix spray. Additional silk lashes are installed. (Service for 1 hour 30 min)

11- Flower arrangements and the decoration of the venue will be done by a professional staff

12- Professional full HD video recording during the bride’s preparation, marriage ceremony and wedding dinner reception. (original unrevised DVD will be delivered)

13- Transfer and transportation of the staff/team and necessary materials