Private Fetish Show

Surprise your bachelor with an interactive fetish show. Give him a memory he is sure never to forget! Exclusively at Bachelor Party Nepal, our S & M professionals are now available for private shows in your hotel, or you can access the show at one of the event locations. Armed with an arsenal of equipment these dominates have experiences in the secret games that go on behind closed doors. Our girls provide the most authentic BDSM shows available in Nepal. Private or group activities are included. This is truly a fun show for the whole gang to participate or watch. It is a once in a life-time experience in Nepal! Contact us today to get pleased or punished.

Our service includes but is not limited to:

1- Girls (slaves and mistresses)

2- Its interactive fun

3- Show last around 2 hours

4- Includes premium alcohol

5- Your friends can get involved and participate

6- Equipment is included:

o Cages (only at the venue) o Crosses (only at the venue) o SM tools o Candle Wax o Bondage


Bachelor Party Nepal is ready to provide you with a personalized bachelor party experience like no other, performed by only the most exciting models living in Nepal. Our team of party planner will personally send you a selection of all our sexy strippers and let you select the one of your choice. Depending on your preference the show can include the following:

A Kinky Two Girl Show

Lap Dance

Costume Themed

Sexy Games

Blind Folding

Spice this up with a fun prank, our sexy strippers are here to assist in making this party memorable by having fun add-ons like the sexy maid prank or Lady boy Prank. Each performance can last up to one hour or more depending on your plans.

Bikini Babes

If you want to be on the water in style, you have to bring your entourage of bikini-clad babes. These girls are the perfect complement to your boat, beach, pool or Jacuzzi activity. These playful girls will have you entertained for hours. Our bikini babes will make sure the parties keeps going and everyone is well taken care of. They are cheeky fun with great outgoing personalities. Their services include but are not limited to:

Topless (optional)

Light touching

Lap dance

Outgoing Personality

4 hours minimum

Contact us now to find out how you can add some cheeky fun to your next waterside outing with our bikini babes.

Party Girls

Bachelor Party Nepal has you covered with your personal sexy entourage. These girls are here to have a good time! Our party girls will accompany you to your VIP area at one of Nepal’s most exclusive and popular nightclubs. Like our Bikini girls (insert link) they are fun and outgoing, they’ll dance, drink and party with you all night. Our party girl service includes but is not limited to:

Single or groups of party girls (let us know the amount)

Will have special outfits ready for what the night details

Our party girls can go topless (optional)

Option for Lap dances

Make sure you let us know what services and locations you desire to have our party girls at so our team of event planner can make sure to have everything ready for you. Contact us now for more information on this service

Sexy Party Guides

Nothing makes a great bachelor party like having scheduled entertainment and activities run smoothly. If you’re a non-Nepali speaker finding your way in the endless streets of Thamel by yourself can be a stressful situation. But no worries, here at Bachelor Party Nepal we got you cover! We will provide you a beautiful girl as your personal Nepal insider, your sexy party guide will be with you at all times to make the experience as fluid and fun as possible. Using our services will guarantee that you avoid all the traps and troubles that you might get into while getting drunk and unleashing your party animal. We pride ourselves on giving you the best experience possible while providing safety and discretion. Our sexy party manager will show you the ways to have a proper Nepal style party, without having to worry about all the details that go with it. We will take care of it all, you will have the time of your life without the stress of planning anything. No need to worry about being scammed at clubs, having to deal with bouncers, fights or spending the night taking care of that one drunk friend who went over the edge way too early. This is what our sexy Bachelor Nepal Party guide is here to do!

We’re not kidding when we say we have you covered!.

They have solutions for any pesky situation you might get in. Just watch ‘’Hangover II’’ and you’ll see why it pays to have someone savvy by your side on this wild ride. Our sexy party guides have been carefully selected, not just for their looks but also for their quick thinking and readiness to act on your behalf if the need arises. These gorgeous girls will dance, drink and laugh with you all night long. Meet one of our sexy party guides from our Bachelor Party team and have the time of your life in worry-free safety!

Sushi/Dessert Girl

Naked Sushi or Dessert Girl

One of our best sellers! Nyotaimori, or also known as the practice of serving sashimi or sushi on the naked body of a woman. Imagine sharing a sushi dinner with your friends only to find a beautiful girl lying underneath! Every bachelor’s fantasy dinner starts with delicious food served by beautiful women or on beautiful women. How will you pluck each delicious bite of sushi from our beautiful dish of desire? If sushi is not your thing, or if you just have a sweet tooth, prepare yourself for the best looking dessert you will ever see.

We can serve up a serving of carefully hand picked exotic fruit topped with whipped cream and melting chocolate to adore the body of your sexy guest. For two hours eat unlimited sushi or exotic fruit delivered directly to your hotel from our very own Bachelor Party Nepal staff. Our sexy party guides (Embed Link to service) will dress your plates for you and your friends to eat using chopsticks, or just your mouth.

Funky Minivan or Party Bus

One of the best options for small groups is to travel in one of our Funky VIP Minivans that has been transformed into a party on wheels. Fit up to 10 people in our stress free party VIP transportation. Fully equipped with the latest technology sound system, mind bending disco lights, mini bar and the convenience of an English-speaking driver! The van will be available to you from the beginning of your trip, day or night, and will transport you to all the places you desire to go. No need to try and communicate with a local driver or get hassled by taxi drivers. Your private driver will wait for you while you party, and will safely bring you back to your hotel at the end of the night. No worries if you have a friend who drank one too many during your crazy night, he can chill in the van, have some water from your own Bachelor Survival Kit and get ready for Round 2.

Our service includes but is not limited to:

Airport Transfer

Partial or Full day rentals

English Speaker Driver

Mini Bar Inside

Full Sound System

Beer Pong Sexy Referee

There’s nothing worse than someone cheating at beer pong!!! No worries! Our sexy beer pong referee is here to make sure no one gets their ball too close to your cups again! She brings beer and her own sexy referee costume ready to lay down the rules. The beer pong sexy referee service includes but is not limited to:

One referee outfit

Minimum of one hour service (Let us know how long you want your game to last)

Beers included

Keep track of the rules

Great party started

Gets everyone in the spirit

Party fun

Good looking girl

Private Sexy Waitress

Who says you can’t mix food with pleasure? With Bachelor Party Nepal’s our beautiful wait staff will serve you the best cuisine or drinks, dressed only in their tiniest little server uniforms. These girls will make sure everyone in the party has a drink in their hands at all time! They are flirty and very sexy. Your private sexy waitress services include but are limited to: · Personal server · Outgoing personality · Flirtatious · Flexible booking time · Party starters · Topless (optional)

Sexy Body Shots

SHOTS!!! SHOTS!!! SHOTS!!! Is not just a hit song by Lil Jon and Party Rock. Pre-game at your hotel like never before. Forget the glass and get one of our gorgeous girls to pour your shot down her glistening golden skin and into your mouth. Served from our Bachelor crystal skull bottles, taking shots was never so much fun through this sexy serving experience only available through Bachelor Party Nepal. Imagine what your friends back home will say when you show them a picture of you and your friends lined up taking body shots off of the bodies of Nepal’s most beautiful servers. This service includes but is not limited to:

Up to one hour and half

Put in your request if you wish your Sexy Body shots bodies to come wearing nothing but their birthday suits

Take shots from places in the body not meant to hold a shot glass

Two Girls Show

One sexy girl is great fun, but now imagine two sexy girls! Our two-girl show is a private event that takes place in your hotel room or any of our private venues (insert link). This show is erotic and will satisfy even your wildest dreams. This show is too hot, even for this site. So just let your imagination run wild and imagine what happens when two beautiful girls are set up for your entertainment only. Our Two Girl Show services include but are not limited to:

Up to one hour

Two sexy girls ready to put on a show for you

A choreograph show that is sure to make you wish you were part of it (and you can).

Contact us now to see how you and your buddies can experience one of Nepal’s hottest shows.

Jacuzzi BBQ Garden Party

The perfect place to spend an afternoon with your sexy Bikini Babes while playing games and enjoying the best Barbeque Nepal has to offer. The Bachelor Party House fits up to 25 people and we have dedicated special attention to the amenities to maximize your fun and comfort. The venue includes unlimited barbeque with the finest cuts of meat and seafood, unlimited alcohol and beverages. This is a hidden tropical paradise with plenty of green scenery, right in the heart of Nepal. Our stag pad comes equipped with a large grill, jacuzzi, a completely secure garden, game consoles, a dartboard, petanque field, foosball table and ping pong tables to keep you entertained. We recommend you have dessert on a sexy dessert girl. Our private wait staff will be there to make sure the party keeps going and nothing is missing from our house of fun. This venue includes but is not limited to:

Open Bar

Unlimited Refreshments

Unlimited Barbeque Meats and Seafood

Bikini Babes (optional)

Sexy Dessert Girl (optional)


Entire First Floor

Tropical Garden

Private location

Wait Staff

Foosball Table

Ping Pong Table

Petanque Field

Great Location

Contact Us today to find out more about this tropical paradise!

Hotel Pool Party

The best way to start your day is by having your very own private pool party. You will have VIP service at the hottest pool parties in Nepal. Bring your entourage of bikini babes, they are the perfect complement to your pool and Jacuzzi activities, our bikini babes will make sure the parties keeps going and everyone is well taken care of. Contact us today to find out more about this hot daytime activity Hotel Pool Party The best way to start your day is by having your very own private pool party.

Cigar and Whisky Lounges

We have your exclusive VIP service to the best Whisky and Cigar bars in Nepal. Normally only available to private members, we have this exclusive pass ready for you and your buddies. Enjoy your favorite cigar and whisky, in an exclusive members only club. It’s an elegant and refined place to sip on some of the finest whisky and wines while enjoy a wide variety of cigars. The service is impeccable and the atmosphere is great. Bring your personal Party Guide to find out more about the hidden treasures Nepal has to offer.

Contact Us today to find out more about this service

Traditional Massages

Between your crazy nights and active days, a proper and well-deserved massage is just what the doctor ordered! Nepal is well known for its massage parlors, but choosing the right one can be a difficult task. Not to worry, Bachelor Party Nepal has selected for you the best places to make sure you reach 100% relaxation and get the best massage by professionals. Or maybe you’d prefer to have a hot bath in the traditional Japanese way while telling your crazy stories from last night, one of the smoothest ways to recover from a long previous night. If you are too hungover to make it to the parlor, why not call us and have a private masseuse come to your place? With Bachelor Party Nepal anything is possible! Contact Us today to find out more about this relaxing activity!

Sky Diving

Before the groom dives in, take a dive in the sky! Whether you’re an old pro or a first timer, skydiving with your pals over the majestic colors of the Nepal is the perfect way to share the last moments of your freedom. Feel the rush of adrenaline that one only feels when jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and make this a trip the one no one will forget. Contact Us today to find out more about this exciting day activity!

Miniature Golf With Sexy Caddy Party Guide

Attractive women, high energy, and golf!!

For an unforgettable golf experience with unparalleled service, Bachelor Party Nepal has created a golf outing that has caddy girls as your personal hostesses and customized golf tee. They will help with golf course arrangements, call in food and beverage orders, keep score, as well as provide many other services to make your golf outing more exciting. Experienced and professional caddies enjoy working with golfers from every play level and know about all aspects of the game. Combine that with the sexy looks and easy-going personalities and you have the makings of the perfect Nepal golf outing. While booking your day of fun in the sun, if you have specific needs and requirements of the talent you seek, tell us and we will provide the best possible caddies to fit all your needs. Contact Us today to find out more about this sexy activity!

Bungee Jump

Bungee jumping is an activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as a building, bridge or crane, but it is also possible to jump from a movable object, such as a hot-air- balloon or helicopter, that has the ability to hover above the ground. The thrill comes as much from the free falling as from the rebounds. When the person jumps, the cord stretches and the jumper flies upwards again as the cord recoils, and continues to oscillate up and down until all the energy is dissipated. The adrenaline is pumping as you stand at a dizzying height, the air filled with adventure. Then plunge headfirst into the depths below and experience the leap of your life. Enjoy the liberating sense of free-fall flight with a safe and secure bungee jump.

Contact Us today to find out more about this exciting day activity!

Bubble Foot Ball

For all football lovers, this is the activity for you! A game of football with a unique and funny twist, it will have the whole squad in tears from laughing. Get encased in a bubble down to your knees while bumping, bouncing, and rolling. It’s hilarious to participate in and equally as funny to watch. Players have the chance to do backflips, dive, or crash right into each other. So take part or just watch as players bump and knock each other over like human bumper cars while trying to show off their football skills. Bubble Football will let you experience the game in a fun way. Laughter and fun is our guaranteed, this sport is for everyone and it requires no special skill. Contact Us today to find out more about this exciting day activity!

Amazing Adventure

If the usual bus or walking tour does not interest you that much and you want to explore the local life and hidden areas of Nepal then this tour is for you! The Amazing Adventure Nepal is a unique experience, which will take you on an adventure to discover all the hidden treasures this awesome city has to offer. Our trails combine cultural lifestyle challenges, interactive discovery of places such as temples, local markets, but also bizarre spots. This is an exciting, challenging, and above all fantastic fun way to discover Nepal. Enjoy interacting with locals and immerse yourself in the Nepali culture like nowhere else before. Our guide is there to assist but don’t follow them, they will follow you! Use your creativity, competitiveness and sense of direction in order to fulfill thrilling tasks that will be given to your teams. Challenge your family, friends and colleagues and win the race while spending a memorable time in Nepal.

Contact Us today to see how you can solve the riddles in order to win the hunt!

Fetish Private Room

Are whips and chains more your speed? Fancy a good spank after indulging in some sort of naughty mischief? Or are you just curious for your first time glance at the darker side of sensuality, then our Fetish Club is the dungeon for you. Serious about their lifestyle and comfortable in their roles, these women treat their clients to the most authentic BDSM experience available in SE Asia. Armed with endless weapons of fantasy, Dominates will train their submissives to relish in the pleasure that comes from pain and take them to a higher level of erotic pleasure than they have ever felt before. All right before your very eyes. Have a special request you would like to have set up upon your arrival? No problem, just let us know, and we will make all of the arrangements with our club. Have the groom tied up by one of dominates and then blindfolded for a session of the most sensuous erotic pain of his life. Make it even funnier by having our dominate lady switch out with a comparably built ladyboy and let the unsuspecting victim know what the true meaning of “surprise” really is!!! This is an experience you will remember all your life, guaranteed! Contact us today for this once in a lifetime night time experience!.

Sexy Maid Prank

Did you have a wild night, and now the hotel is trashed? You let the groom know that you would like to get a maid to come and clean up the erroneous stains and spills before you go out again today. Surprise the groom by having Bachelor Party Nepal send one of our strippers dressed as a maid knock on the door in a maid’s uniform. As she cleans her way over to the area of the groom, she suddenly breaks character and throws him on the bed as she reveals the goodies in her gown. After 15 minutes of swinging her sexy curves, our strippers will spend another 45 minutes getting the party started in by socializing, serving, and playing games with the guests.